Davin Comedy is the Home of DavinsdenDavincomedySidesplittingproductions and Laugh at Home Comedy. Davin has been entertaining audiences throughout the world for over 20 years. His likable, yet confident style leaves audiences wanting more of his unique perspective on current events, social issues, everyday life, and more. “He is not your stereotypical mild-mannered Jewish comic. He is bold, full of confidence, and in complete control of the audience and the stage,” raved one prominent New York comedy club manager. He is always in tune with whatever is going on in the room and often deviates from the “script” and engages in off the cuff, unscripted comedy, which makes every show a unique experience.

Yet another WordPress site by iWebCrafter, we also maintain the site. Davin has two podcasts that are hosted on the site and updated weekly.