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Have a Website, Now what?

Creating a website is really simple!

You’ve likely come across advertisements from GoDaddy, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and others promoting easy, do-it-yourself, “professional-looking websites” that cater to any budget. It’s true, with some effort and a modest investment, creating a website is achievable. However, today’s discussion isn’t about the professional design aspect. What I want to highlight is an often overlooked reality—while you can create a website, ensuring it’s seen by others is a different challenge.

Attracting Vistors to your Website

Creating a website has indeed become straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly design features and beautiful templates offered by the aforementioned services. If you possess some technical skills and have spare time, designing your own website is within reach. Yet, the crucial question remains: how do you attract visitors to your site?

You might argue that you’ve implemented SEO features like keywords and meta tags. That’s commendable! But, are you aware of the competitiveness of your chosen keywords, especially against established giants like eBay, Amazon, and Jet.com? And what if your SEO efforts don’t land you on Google’s first page? Do these website-building platforms guide you on alternative strategies like AdWords or Social Media Advertising? When it comes to Social Media, do they assist in content creation to promote your site and drive traffic? Likely, they don’t.

So, you have a website, what’s next?

The ads promoting “professional-looking websites” at bargain prices often gloss over a critical aspect—driving traffic. The crux of the matter is, irrespective of whether your website cost $300 or $10,000, lacking a marketing strategy or an understanding of your online competition will result in missed traffic opportunities. Traffic is the precursor to sales, and driving traffic is the linchpin for online business success.

I won’t assert the cliché “you get what you pay for” because it’s not entirely true. You’ve invested in your website and are probably content with it. However, having a website is merely the inaugural step in the extensive journey of online business generation.

A comprehensive marketing plan is pivotal, and that’s where our expertise comes into play.

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