How Much Does a Website Cost In 2023

One of the first things I am asked when it comes to designing websites is how much does it cost! That’s a very reasonable question, but unfortunately, there is not a simple answer. If you are looking to buy your first home, you would have a hard time finding a realtor that could tell you how much it costs for building a home without them asking a lot of questions. How many rooms? One or two-car garage? How about the location? (that factors into a lot of the cost of a home), One-story home? Basement? Built-in-Swimming pool? These are all things that affect the cost of building a new home.

Of course, websites are not homes, but because there are so many different variables in building a website, it’s sometimes hard for even the most experienced web developer to calculate the costs of building a website.

So what to do? Most likely you are asking how much a website costs because you need a budget amount in order to make a decision regarding you next project. Of course, you don’t want to spend hours going over all the minute details with a developer. You most likely just want a website that will provide a platform for getting your business on the internet, and a website that will help you get your ideas or products into the hands of your potential customers.

I want to save you a lot of headaches and try to give you a heads-up on what to expect from talking with different developers. First unless you really just need a one-page blurb on the internet, I would not recommend seeking out the lowest bidder for what might be the first thing a person sees about your services or products. Does this mean you want to go from zero to sixty and buy a Ferrari on your first website project? Well no, please don’t do that either. There’s plenty of middle ground for getting you that website of your dreams.

Here’s a simple break down of what websites actually cost to develop and maintain. Also below is a link to a more complete outline of websites costs.

See full article on How Much Should a Website Cost.

If you help more questions on how we can help you get the website of your dreams, please contact us and someone will reply in kind.

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