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Purchase Support Blocks

What’s A Support Block?

All of the services provided by iWebCrafter can be billed against a Block of Time. Unlike typical support contracts, a Support Block of Time can be applied toward a wide variety of services over an unspecified period of time. There is no “use it or lose it” deadline, nor are there terms that limit its use to certain types of services or products.  If more time is needed than was initially contracted for, an additional Block of Time can be purchased at the same discounted rate.

Time is accurately tracked for each use of the Block of Time, and you receive a statement for each support activity, indicating the type of service performed, the amount of time used, and the time remaining under the current support contract. We bill support block time in 15-minute increments, so you never get overcharged.

One support block is one hour of work.

A typical 1-hour support block could include any of the following:

Consultation • Training • Update WP plugins • Updating webpage content • Update images, Install and configure a WordPress plugin • Configure email accounts.

  • Unused Support Block Time is valid for up to one year from date of purchase.
  • Transfer Blocks of time to a different project or even an associate or friend.

1 Support Block

Great for general tasks.

You will be getting one hour block of time for completing any type of computer task you need. Example: Install or Update a Wordpress Plugin. Update HTML Files. Backup Website. Create and configure email accounts, Remove computer malware!


1 Hour Support Block

2 Support Blocks

2 Hours of Support

You will be getting two support blocks (2 hours) of time for completing any type of computer task you need. Example: Add 1-2 Videos to Website, Update Content 1-2 Pages, Add SSL to your website. Investigate a security breach. more…


2 Hour Support Block

4 Support Blocks

4 Hours of Support

You will be getting a 4 support blocks (4 hours) of time for completing any type of computer task you need. Example: Migrate WordPress Site. Create a Super new form for your website. Create a new website page with multimedia rich content.


4 Hour Support Block

Note: iWebCrafter does not store Credit Card information on this site. All transaction data is maintained by our payment partner at or through your Paypal account. Your information is safe and all data is transmitted over a 100% secure connection.

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