Website Care

Support For Your WordPress site!

Ensure your WordPress website stays in peak condition with iWebCrafter’s Website Care services. Our all-encompassing monthly maintenance and security monitoring service guarantee optimal performance. Plus, rest easy knowing our support is handled entirely in the USA—we never outsource. Contact us via phone or email for all your website requirements.

What's Included in WebSite Care

Full Site Audit

First things first. After backing up your website, we will take an in-depth look at your site and fix any minor issues we find. If there are problems with your site that are outside of our Website Care Plan, in addition, we will contact you to discuss options that will help to resolve those issues. We will then update your WordPress core files, your theme, and plugins to the latest versions to ensure your website is safe, functional, and fast.

24/7 uptime monitoring

Monitoring website uptime is very important to the success of your website.

Weekly Updates

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates ensure your WordPress website is kept current.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports will keep you informed on the updates to your site as well as the health of your website.

Cloud backups (daily)

With iWebcrafter’s WebSite Care you will get efficient, secure, cloud backups every day.

Website Security

Always On, Helps to Prevents hacks, security breaches, & malware. 

Emergency support

If a crisis come up, we will be here to help solve your issues so that your website stays online.

WebSite Care​

Small Business Websites
$ 89 Monthly
  • Weekly Updates
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Monthly Reports
  • Security Monitoring
  • Daily Cloud Backups

WebSite Care​ +

Everything in WebSite Care, Plus!
$ 129 Monthly
  • Priority Support
  • Malware Protection
  • Image Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • 60 Minute Fixit Tweaks​

Frequently Asked Questions

iWebCrafter's Website Care covers both website monitoring, backups, and ongoing preventive maintenance for your website to keep it running safely and smoothly.

Additionally, Website Care Plus includes 60 minutes of FixIt Tweaks. Website Care Plus does not cover major development tasks unrelated to preventive maintenance. FixIt Tweaks are debited in 15-minute increments and do not roll over month to month.

If your website were to crash because of some type of database corruption, yes, that really happens; this type of event would likely not be covered under our Website Care plan. *Note, in the event of a website crash we may be able to restore your site from the most recent backup.

If substantial development time is required to resolve a support issue, we offer discounted solutions for tasks on your site not covered under WebSite Care. You can at any time purchase Support Blocks of time from us to receive additional development time for us to work on your website when needed.

WebSite Care is not insurance; it is monitoring, preventive maintenance, and trusted backup service for your website that can save a total loss of your site in certain situations.

Once you have a Website Care Plan, your worries are mostly over!

After backing up your website, we will take an in-depth look at your site and fix any minor issues we find. If there are problems with your site that are outside of our WebSite Care Plan, we will contact you to discuss options that will help to resolve those issues.

The next steps will be for us to install and configure up a premium plugin for security monitoring, and a 24/7 uptime monitor. Then we will update your website as covered under iWebCrafter's WebSite Care.

You can rest assured that we will be taking care of your website so that you can get back to what you do best.

WordPress's core files must be kept updated to the latest version to keep your website safe and running smoothly. We will also perform minor updates to your WP theme as needed.

For major theme updates, we will contact you to provide information on how vital those updates may be and we will discuss options so that you continue getting the best use of your selected WP theme.

Major theme updates may require extra time not included in our WebSite Care plans and could require additional fees. In that event, we will contact you first on how to best proceed. The same is true for certain premium plugins that you may have installed on your site.

If a vulnerability exists in any of the plugins, we will work with the developers to obtain an update if they have one, or if one is not available, we will contact you to discuss options on how to keep the same functionality on your site minus the danger of having an outdated or compromised plugin.

Websites are living documents and thus benefit your visitors by keeping your content up to date for your website visitors.

Updates to the content on your website will almost always help with your Search Engine Ranking and can improve your overall website traffic.

iWebCrafter's WebSite Care Plan Plus also gives you an additional 60 minutes of development time per month.

The 60-minute "Fixit tweak" time does not roll over to the next month, so please don't hesitate to request updates to your website every month.

You can use our work-order request form to obtain the quickest support possible for updates that you want us to perform on your site.

We guarantee that we do whatever we can to keep our clients happy and to keep their websites running as they should.

Because of the time investment in working on a website to keep it updated, and the time involved in maintaining it, we do not offer refunds. That said, there is no long-term contract to sign with our service, and you are free to cancel at any time.

We hope we make that over-the-top impression and that we will be part of your team for a long time to come!

iWebCrafter's WebSite Care will help prepare your site for obtaining more traffic, but our care packages do not include any Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a very involved part of a more critical marketing strategy that every website should have in its armory!

SEO is a verb and requires action if it is to count for anything. You can bet your rival competitors know this and are taking steps to capture business that you would instead have come your way.

We are Experts in Search Engine Optimization and would be happy to talk to you about our SEO services and how we can help you benefit by implementing a sound SEO strategy.

If you contact us regarding a support issue, or if we are made aware of an issue on your site from the 24/7 monitoring we do, we will audit your website to determine what, if any, problems may exist.

If we find issues that are not covered under your website plan with iWebCrafter, we will contact you to discuss options to get your site working again so that any downtime can be mitigated.

If the website issues are covered under your current website plan, we will expedite support to resolve any issues.

With WebSite Care Plus, we have got you covered 24/7 around the clock and we will expedite any support issues that your site is experiencing to limit downtime to your website.

If you have an active Website Care Plus plan, we got your back!

In the unlikely event with Website Care Plus your website gets hacked, we’ll work overtime to remove any malware, and if needed, we will restore your website from the last clean backup that we have of your website.

If you do not have a Website Care Plus plan with iWebCrafter, we are happy to look at your website and then discuss how we may be able to restore your website to its normal operations as quickly as possible.

Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about how we can save you money if you have more than one website.

Need A Quick Fix for Your Website?

You can purchase blocks of time from us to work on your project. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check out our support page; we take the pain out of the internet so that you can do what you do best, knowing that your website needs are getting all of our very best!